Solar has come to stay


Due to the disadvantages and downside of fossil fuels, used by man for his power needs everyday. Renewables became another subject of discussion which we are made to believe is here to stay.

Emissions from different sources is constantly putting the Earth at risk, due to this fact,environmental advocates and international organisations are urging countries to reduce fossil emissions into the atmosphere to reduce the destruction of the ozone layer.

Gas flaring is another major source of concern especially in countries that are being exploited only for fossil fuels and this singular act is creating problems for us all.

Wind, Tidal,Solar, Hydro and other source of renewables are alternative energies which create less negative environmental externalities on the globe. And they are steadily been embraced worldwide.

Billions of Dollars is being spent annually on innovative creations to enhance the Solar technology, many gadgets and automobiles are being refashioned to incorporate solar as its main energy source. Solar panel affordability are being made a priorities by many governments and agencies for the common man. Even the rural areas are dependant on solar for day to day uses.

All this are good developments especially in ┬áthe developing countries of Africa, Solar pumps and lightning’s are introduced to places where it is needed to alleviate poverty and make life easier in the rural areas.

All this indicates renewables especially Solar power is here to stay and for good, after all no one owns the Sun.


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