Renewable Energy Redefined.

As the world is becoming more aware of renewable energy, it has become paramount for countries to harmonise their environmental policies to be in line with one another in order to achieve desired results. Theses can be achieved if renewable products are subsidised for its citizens and made available at local levels.

Safeguarding the environment from environmental harm is another prerogative that should be seriously considered, home occupants and owners need reassurances that the area in which they live in, are habitable and eco friendly for every member of the family.

Solar energy being one of the most common and easily available alternative form of energy, should be adopted. Awareness should be carried out to educate people about its benefits and eco friendliness. Prices of solar panels are dropping by the day and advances in solar technology are made thereby breaking barriers that once was concerning photovoltaic production.

By the year 2050 there would have been a major shift from conventional power we use to know to renewables, sparked interest on different form of renewable energy production is being adopted on a daily bases, many areas in Africa has been in darkness for many year, so the government should take it as a challenge upon themselves to make sure these areas are given due attention and powered up for the benefit of the inhabitants.

As an advocate of renewable energy it would be of paramount interest to see each building depending solely on renewables for daily operations. I still stand for a cleaner and safer world where the fear of global warming and manmade disasters are reduced to the barest minimum.

Going the solar way is still the best way.


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